Saturday, June 23, 2007

7 Reasons Why I'll Never Join Facebook

  1. The term "facebook" is an oxymoron; a non sequitur. If they called it "Book of Faces" then maybe I'd join.
  2. If I wanted strangers to know intimate details about my daily life, I'd talk to my neighbours.
  3. As if I need another reason to spend more time on the computer.
  4. "We are like little explorers so busy reporting back, that we could never possibly discover anything." - David Warren
  5. Real socialization should involve a handshake. Not a poke.
  6. I'm in the Witness Protection Progra... oh damn.
  7. My mommy always told me not to write on walls.

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  1. good thing dawn joined facebook. i'm happy to have had facebook bump us into one another again. it's been a long time.....a few kids for you guys.....a bunch of traveling for me.....and here we are 10 years later....(we all met on the '97 tour...right?) i've had a good time reading you blog. way to go with the 4 girls.....i have 3 sisters.

  2. Don't worry, James, we all know you'll cave sooner or later. Care to make it interesting?

  3. Never! (will I cave that is... if you think that can be made interesting you must lead a boring life - now go collect some stamps to spice things up a bit)

  4. I completely agree! A complete waste of time and energy.

  5. I'm good. I'm not about to want to discover some new thing that i'll feel i need, after i tried it. I'm ok now. If i'm ok now, why risk that? i don't want/need more friends. i don't need to tell everyone what i do or look like. I don't care about that. i don't want to do more than i already do. if anything, i'd like my life to be simpler. don't need no FB. hate the idea of having something else i'll be needing. The cell phone drew the line.

  6. In full disclosure, I must say that I did join FB a few years back. I've learned to use it in moderation and to keep an eye on their ever-changing privacy settings. I justify my change of heart because I'm able to stay in touch with distant family and easily share photos and videos without making them public.

    That said, I've more recently joined Google+ and am liking that even more, as I can control who sees what. No need for my customers to see pics of my kids, or for my family to read about innovations in my industry, for example.


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