Friday, June 15, 2007


In my prayer times, I often find it helpful to write down my prayer, as it helps me focus. Occasionally I sense God's response and write it down as well. I don't believe this makes me a mystic or anything like that, and obviously these occasions are intended as a purely private form of conversing with my creator.

However, I felt led to post some of what he said to me tonight:

James [God never calls me Doogie], through all your sin, through all your suffering, remember that I love you. Remember what I did on the cross, that cursed piece of wood which held your sins to me as closely as I was held to it. Remember especially that I chose to drink that cup. Even as I hung there and absorbed all your sin into my eternal purity, I loved you. Indeed, those hours on the cross were my moment of greatest love for you, for as your sins flashed before me, my love for you grew stronger and hotter. In that moment I consecrated my life to yours; I claimed you for the Father and rejoiced with each drop of blood I lost, for even as I died I was thinking of the joy we would know together some day.

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