Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm Going to be an Excellent Poltergeist

Last night, two of my kids woke up crying that they couldn't find their pillows.

The younger one was the first to awake. I went into her room to comfort her, and from what I understood she said she couldn't find her puddle. So I hugged her and laid her down, assuring her that her puddle was safe. (?)

Upon my return to bed, my wife informed me that this child in particular has been known to wake up disoriented and can't figure out which way to lie back down, so in itself this wasn't an unusual scenario (although I'm such a hard sleeper that I usually sleep right through).

Then about 30 minutes later, the older one, in a separate room, woke up crying that her pillow had moved all by itself. We were both somewhat startled at this point; could there be something supernatural interfering in our lives? My wife went to her, and while the child hadn't seen the pillow actually move, it was at the foot of the bed.

So my wife got out the holy water and started anointing the kids' pillows with it. I said a prayer that if there were some spirit causing this distress that it would leave us alone (although I suspect that this child has inherited some of my wife's family's tendency to be fully functional in their sleep... ahem).

Then a nasty thought popped into my head.

What would my wife's reaction be, upon her return to our room, if I moved her pillows to the foot of our bed and pretended to be asleep?


I thought long and hard about doing that...

But I didn't do it. There are some things worse than poking a hornet's nest.

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