Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Something Silly That I Heard

Paul Martin, our soon-to-be-less-entrenched Prime Minister, was shown recently at a photo-op playing touch football with some 10-year old kids. Afterward, at a press conference, he referred to his sagging poll numbers, and tried to muster the troops with the following allusion to football:

"It's only the 3rd quarter, and you don't spike the ball until... [real awkward pause while he searches his mind] ... the game is over."

Then he looked around anxiously to see if the reporters picked up on the fact that actually you spike the ball when you score a touchdown... which, like the Conservatives going up in the polls, means more points.

Spiking the football, by the way, is like "gay marriage" - it's allowed in Canada. Unlike "gay marriage," however, there is a limit (item d).

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