Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This Just In #1*

Paul Martin has admitted to a press conference that the Conservatives are running a better campaign, have a better platform, and will govern more effectively.

The Prime Minister stated, "Fundamentally, this election is about values. We have come to realize, that fundamentally, Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party have a lot of good ideas. Their values have come through with astonishing clarity, and they are values that all Canadians believe. They deserve your vote."

He even went so far as to retract many of his hostile statements from the last few weeks that have not had their intended effect on the polls. "I've accused Mr. Harper of aligning himself with all sort of strange characters, but my statements were fundamentally incorrect."

Last week the Liberal Party pounced on a perceived flaw in the Conservative's budget plan. This too, Martin retracted. "We admit that when we looked at the Conservative budget, we were looking at it from a partisan angle, and were trying to score political points. Fundamentally, that approach is not the way to analyze a budget. Many of our top minds, including Finance Minister Ralph Goodale, got carried away by desperation. That was, fundamentally, unfair."

He concluded his press conference that announcing that he had already voted in advance polls for Georges-A. Bastien, the Conservative candidate in Lasalle-Emard where Martin himself is running for re-election.

The moral of the story: Fundamentally, are we really to be surprised that the Liberals think we've got it wrong?

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