Friday, January 27, 2006

Wow, Has it Started Already?

On Tuesday - the first day after the Conservatives held power in Canada in the preceding 12 years, 3 months, and 30 days - Canadians were informed that the Toronto Stock Exchange had lost a bit of ground.

Shockwaves spread through the nation - it was almost tangible. People who had voted Conservative suddenly collapsed en masse, faces in hands, and cried out to the universe in chorus, "What have we done?" News commentators predicted dark days ahead for the Canadian economy, as investors were "uncertain" about the new Parliament.

Now most of the articles I've seen actually attribute the dip to legitimate stock concerns: Reuters even said "a positive mood following the election of a minority Conservative government on Monday was spoiled by falling energy and gold-mining issues due to lower commodity prices."
On Friday, however, the strong performance of oil futures, gold stocks, and copper boosted the index "up 119.38 points to 11856.81. That was the third record close of the week for the TSX."

And as much as every article I saw on Blue Tuesday had a lot to say about the election, the positive reports we're getting today (shall we call it Transparent Friday?) say absolutely nothing about the new Conservative government because....

...[wait for it]...

...because the index went up, not down. Wouldn't want to associate the Conservatives with that, now, would we?

Must the fang-sinking begin so soon? Can't you liberals in the media give Harper & Friends a week of peace before he starts sharing blame for the world's problems with Texas W?

Don't worry, that's rhetorical.

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